Tax planning

None of us like paying tax but seldom should saving tax be the primary driver for an investment or financial planning strategy. Nevertheless it is an important aspect to be considered in the overall context of your plan. Tried, tested and approved methods of saving tax form a fundamental part of our advice.

Despite HMRC openly targeting aggressive tax planning strategies, our wealthy clients inform us that they are increasingly approached by advisers selling tax based products and services, usually involving a substantial initial fee or commission. Many are banks, IFAs and tied agents. They are also marketed by accountants, tax boutiques and other professionals.

Sadly we all too often encounter those who have implemented a strategy that was ‘too good to ignore’, only to be challenged by HMRC often several years later, with all that this entails.

We work closely with respected and likeminded accountants, tax advisers and solicitors. Over the years we have helped clients decide whether or not to proceed with strategies and are proud to have helped them make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes.