Selling your business

The big question is “how much is enough?” Clients find it helpful for us to determine the cost of the lifestyle they wish to lead to provide context to their decision of the amount they wish to achieve on sale.

If an offer’s on the table, a decision can then be made whether to accept it or not. If rejecting it, they have a figure to aim for. They then work with their other advisers to find another buyer or groom the business to increase its value.

An alternative result is realisation that the offer is more than enough to meet all their objectives. They might not want to put in the effort or carry on working to increase the value of the company and decide to accept, doing so in the knowledge that their decision was the right one for them.

Those selling businesses are aggressively targeted by everyone. Banks, tied agents, IFAs and so on. You’re about to receive a lot of money and they all want to get their hands on it! We’ve gained many of our clients just before or shortly after selling their businesses. Our approach is fundamentally different. We don’t wish to give too much away on our website but would be happy to discuss it with you.