Risk transfer

It is important to plan for the unexpected. This starts with a thorough analysis of ‘what if?’ scenarios such as: What if one or both of us were to die? What if we fell ill? What if something happened to our business?

We investigate the likely financial impact, analyse your available resources and tailor make solutions accordingly.

We don’t just look at short term impact but consider long term and wider implications. For example, losing your main source of income may not just result in you being unable to fund your current lifestyle; it is also likely to impinge on your ability to save for your children’s’ education and your retirement.

Taking into account your existing resources, your attitude to these types of risk, affordability and various assumptions agreed with you, we use lifetime cash-flow modelling to identify and quantify potential shortfalls.

Transferring risk to an insurance company may be a sensible option, in which case we research the whole market to find the most appropriate insurance policies for the most competitive price, acting as your agent on a fee basis.