Our financial planning service

Clients are often introduced to us with particular requirements. Whilst we are willing to provide focused advice, most individual aspects of financial planning impact on other areas, so comprehensive financial planning is generally more beneficial.

Furthermore we firmly believe that financial planning, investment and product related advice should always be aligned with clients’ fundamental, overriding objectives. It is only by really getting to know our clients, what they want to achieve and how they want to live their lives that we can be certain that our financial planning, investment and product related advice is appropriate. This is what we call lifestyle planning.

The heart of our proposition is our structured financial planning service. Please click the button below to view an illustration of our process which incorporates the six stages fundamental to the Certified Financial Planner certification and defined within the requirements of BS8577:2012 and BS ISO22222:2005.

The basic premise of financial planning is that you are more likely to achieve your objectives if a plan is implemented and regularly reviewed. Few of us dedicate sufficient time and thought to planning, despite being aware of its importance.

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