Investment planning and advice

We believe most investment advice to be fundamentally flawed. Often advisers ask you a series of questions to establish your ‘risk tolerance’ rather like sticking pins in you to determine your pain threshold. They then recommend investments to keep you at or close to that pain threshold.

Financial planning and investment planning are inextricably linked. Most areas of financial planning involve investment and most reasons for investing form part of a financial plan. Effective wealth management should combine the two.

It is of paramount importance for us to fully understand the reasons for investing and the returns required before designing appropriate and bespoke investment strategies. We start by establishing whether you should invest at all, then agree the parameters.

We dedicate considerable time to investment risk, making sure you fully understand and are entirely comfortable with the level of risk involved. We have no bias towards any particular strategy. The level of risk in your portfolio will be in line with what you want to take in the context of that you need to take.

We analyse your existing investments. Unlike many of our competitors, being impartial, independent and fee based, we are not incentivised to recommend you change investments. We act on your behalf, recommending changes where appropriate and providing you with reassurance when none are required. We put ourselves in your shoes, applying our knowledge, experience, position and technology to assist you in making the correct, informed decisions.

Our fees are agreed in advance. When implementing investment strategies we negotiate on your behalf, generally achieving significant discounts with most managers and providers.

We work with clients over the long term, conducting frequent and thorough investment reviews and communicating the results in a clear and concise manner.