Choosing the right or wrong source of financial advice and investment advice can make a huge difference to your financial future and general wellbeing. Trusting your financial future to a particular adviser always involves an initial 'leap of faith'.

Such an important decision should only be made after careful due diligence to determine whether the firm not only has the relevant qualifications, experience and expertise but also has its interests aligned with those of its clients. Of paramount importance yet difficult to determine is the motivation and ethics of the individual advisers and firm.

We believe the advice provided by the vast majority of advisers is fundamentally flawed. Their advice places far too great an emphasis on products, solutions and investments without really getting to know clients or fully understanding their primary objectives.

We have learned that the primary objective of most if not all of us is to achieve and/or maintain our desired lifestyle without fear of running out of money (or dying with too much). We take time to get to know our clients, their current lifestyle and the lifestyle they aspire to. Only then do proceed to analyse their current financial arrangements and help them plan to meet their objectives, whatever they might be.

We established Trusted Planning to meet the demand for truly client focused, impartial and bespoke financial planning and investment planning, something very few firms deliver. With loss of confidence in banks and highly publicised financial scandals, investors are seeking advisers they can trust to act impartially and in their best interests.

The aims of this website are to give you a helpful introduction to Trusted Planning, provide further information to assist you in finding the right independent financial adviser (IFA) or investment adviser and to help you determine whether Trusted Planning might be right for you.

Please browse through our site and if you would like to know more, get in touch via telephone, email or the enquiry form.