Estate and inheritance planning

We’d all prefer our estates to go to our families rather than the Treasury. Saving inheritance tax can easily become the main driver. Though saving inheritance tax is one of the key factors, others are equally and sometimes more important. There are many options, some simple and others highly complex. All should be considered with the guidance of impartial and technically competent advisers.

Advisers are often too hasty to recommend solutions, seldom asking sufficient questions to familiarise themselves with clients’ circumstances, views and objectives. Questions like: How much can we afford to gift? What if our circumstances change? Would we prefer beneficiaries to benefit during our lifetimes? How will inheriting affect the beneficiaries? What would happen on divorce? What are the ongoing responsibilities? How do we avoid family conflict? Can we afford to pass down our shares in the business?

We work closely with clients’ other professional advisers in delivering estate planning and succession planning. Advice is centred on your objectives and views first and foremost, solutions and investments being the final stage where appropriate.