Divorce and separation

There are important considerations soon after separation including loss of tax exemptions granted to the married. Guidance during negotiations is particularly important to ensure you fully understand what to offer or what is offered and to judge if it’s fair.

Expert and impartial advice is essential where pensions are involved. Solicitors often have limited knowledge. We have extensive experience in supporting clients, solicitors and barristers in this respect.

Graham Waterworth is particularly experience in matrimonial matters and is one of very few Resolution Accredited IFAs.

Once the divorce is settled, both parties will have to start all over, both with their personal lives and their financial plans. It is important to plan. Once immediate needs such as accommodation and income are dealt with it is often best to settle into your new life before making long term plans and major financial decisions.

You may be financially knowledgeable or may have little or no understanding or experience. Either way, it is important to develop an appropriate and effective financial plan based around your new lifestyle.

Don’t worry if your financial knowledge is limited. We are happy to help you build your understanding and provide practical tips and assistance with the more general aspects of budgeting and managing personal finance.