British Standards BS8577:2012 & ISO22222:2005

Trusted Planning Ltd is the only firm in the region to be BS8577:2012 certified. All our financial planners and investment advisers are BS ISO22222 certified. It is our policy that all new advisory staff be assessed shortly after joining. We are reassessed each and every year and must demonstrate continual improvement based on client satisfaction feedback.

At the time of writing we believe there were less than 50 BS8577 certified firms in the UK.

ISO22222 is the only qualification that assesses the full advisory cycle from first contact with a prospective client to ongoing reviews. It is broad in its scope and also covers areas such as data security, clarity of documentation and ethics.

Though this qualification applies to individual financial planners, it would be difficult to gain accreditation without robust business processes. The processes and procedures in operation at Trusted Planning Ltd have been designed to exceed BS8577 and BS ISO 22222 standards.

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